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Montgomery & Associates High Net Worth Private Client Services

When the average program is no longer sufficient, Montgomery and Associates is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of risk management and protecting what matters most. That is the essence of what we do for our customer Nationwide.  

Protect What Matters Most

Montgomery and Associates understands that in today’s world of constant connectivity the risks that our customers experience are not always clear cut and visible. Affluent individuals and families have unique and complex insurance needs that require professional consultation and customized solutions.

If an unfortunate tragedy occurs, you want to rest assured that your lifestyle and assets are properly protected and restored to maintain your accustomed way of life.

As your Private Client Specialist, we design and implement solutions that will protect your complex and unique lifestyle. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that what matters most to them is protected by us.

Montgomery and Associates provides risk management specialization that affluent individuals demand, including:

·         High Value Homeowner Insurance
– Coverage for customized homes, secondary homes, investment properties and coastal properties.
– We Insure Homes in all 50 states including International Coverage in the Private Client Division whether its a primary, 2nd home , Investment or just a get away home. Need to add to the drop down menu for get a quote as well as that was not transferred. Needs to be above homeowners in that section

·         Personal Excess Liability/Umbrella
– Net worth protection against claims for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage.

·         Valuable Article Insurance
– Worldwide coverage that takes into account market appreciation

·         Domestic Staffing Insurance
– As an employer there are additional risks and risks assessments related to employment practices and workers’ compensation

·         Exotic Automobile Insurance
– Specialized solutions for automobiles including exotic, antique collections and recreational vehicles, as well as motorcycles and motor homes

·         Watercraft Insurance
–Total coverage for every type and size of watercraft, including mega-yachts, high-performance rum-runner boats and wooden hulls


Ease and convenience

Montgomery and Associates is committed to providing personal service and educating clients on the many facets of their personal risk and coverage.  Clients can also enjoy the convenience of having all of the insurance needs met in Montgomery and Associates with our partner carriers.

To learn more connect with a Montgomery and Associate Private Client Specialist today.


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