Luxury - High Value Homes

 Luxury - High Value Homes 

Montgomery and Associates understands that there is nothing more devastating than seeing your life turned upside down by a homeowner claim. Whether due to a small busted pipe or altogether devastation this is an overwhelming experience.   As a customer you might not think things could get any worse until you learn that your homeowner’s insurance does not respond as you may have expected.  It is estimated that 40 percent of high-value homes are underinsured.

At Montgomery and Associates our solutions focus on making you whole. Our recommended products will provide you with a guaranteed replacement cost to the level of workmanship needed to restore the custom design and construction components of your high-value home.

Our solutions will also ensure appropriate coverage for structures not attached to your home: guest/pool houses, custom barns, outdoor kitchens, hardscape, outdoor playsets, docks as well as property fencing.

Furthermore, most individuals underestimate the cost to replace their contents that are in their home. Contents should be taken into consideration when structuring your risk management program to ensure adequate amount of coverage. While most companies offer a replacement cost settlement the coverage varies between carriers and may not always be the same. Most carriers will pay you a depreciated value until you actually replace the item, causing you the additional task of maintaining detailed receipts and submitting them to the carrier for additional reimbursement. Montgomery and Associates can help you avoid these additional headaches during an already difficult time.

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