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Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance is about being prepared for the unexpected. Many people do not realize the need for renters insurance and what it covers. If you rent a condominium, apartment or house, renters insurance will protect your belongings while there. As a renter, you want to be sure your possessions are protected. This is not something your landlord handles. Most landlords buy insurance to protect the actual dwelling. As a renter you’ll want to be sure your possessions are protected. Whether you own your home or rent, the contents of the home likely belong to you and should a fire or any other disaster occur, you need to be prepared. This is often is a required policy by your landlord that has to be secured as part of your lease agreement.


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What Rental Losses are Covered

When you experience a loss in your rental home, renters insurance kicks in to cover damage and expenses.

Renters insurance typically protects you against theft, fire, vandalism, and weather damage while living in a rental unit such as an apartment or condominium. It is sometimes a required policy by the rental owner. Even if not required, it is worth talking to an agent to identify options to be sure you are protected. Student discounts and auto bundling savings may apply.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Rent Insurance

If you need some concrete evidence why you want to have renters insurance, read further.

When you lease an apartment or other property, you may have limited resources to purchase things outside of rent, food, clothing and possibly student or educational expenses. Trying to cut costs when making a budget is essential to staying out of credit card or other debt. There are advantages to including this premium in your budget.

Best Reasons to Purchase Renters Coverage

1. Replacement
Avoid personal liability and medical costs
Repayment for living costs (including short-term rental or hotel stays and some food)

Replaces the Things you Own: Replacement of valuables is a big reason to secure coverage. Paying a low monthly premium can help replace valuables in your dwelling such as furniture, smart phones, your clothes, computers, stereo systems, televisions, cell phones, and more. If these belongings were damaged while in your car or storage unit they will be covered in most cases. High priced belongings such as collectibles and jewelry may have limitations. Be sure to talk to your agent about these items as additional insurance protection may make sense. Remember the Clarksville tornado from 20 years ago? Your belongings would be covered for tornado or hurricane damage with an active policy.
Personal Liability and Medical Expenses: Renters insurance protects you from accidents in your apartment condo or rental home.  If a guest is injured in your apartment or rental home you will be covered. If you leave the water running and it floods a neighbor’s apartment, you will be glad you have renters insurance.  Progressive generally covers your repairs, attorney fees, and medical expenses related to the incident. Ask your agent for details.
Living Expense Coverage: When your rental home site is being repaired from a fire, water, vandalism, or other damage claim, Progressive will pay for your hotel and some food expenses. Food expenses are calculated based on what you normally pay for food when you shop for groceries. Progressive will pay the difference between what you regularly spend on groceries and what you had to spend while in a hotel. Some limits apply.  This way you won’t face unexpected credit card bills. Be sure to keep all food receipts as these are required for payment.

Additional Progressive Renters Coverage Options

In addition to standard coverage, Progressive offers other options such as water back-up and personal injury protection (PIP). Personal injury coverage takes care of expenses that may result from situations involving libel or slander. Talk to your agent about specifics.

Not included are things like damage to the exterior of the apartment building or the clubhouse, pool or tennis court area, or the roof. The owner is required to pay for damage to the structure and surrounding areas.

About Home Rental Insurance

Progressive Insurance is one of the best known and respected insurers in the country. While best known for their car insurance coverageand their television commercials with Flo, they offer a wide array of policies to protect home sites including renters insurance policies. Montgomery & Associates Insurance and Financial Services agents are happy to provide our customers with free renters insurance quotes to secure the best coverage at the best rates. We can act fast as often this is a required coverage. Instead of automating our correspondence and communication, our agents put our expertise and effort into helping you choose the optimal carrier and coverage for each client. We want to get to know you personally so our policies can best protect you, your assets, and family. Progressive Insurance offers competitive pricing, rich benefits, and student discounts, and lower rates for multiple policies. Our agency is proud of our long-standing relationship with the company.

Insurance Coverage: Apartments Condominiums Rentals Progressive

The insurance that your landlord carries on the home you rent likely covers only the building and not any of the contents in the home. Renters insurance from Progressive covers everything from clothing to electronics and will reimburse you the amount it costs of replacement, or the cost required to buy the items new, not what they are worth at the time. Your visitors will also be covered should an injury occur on your property, and if a hotel stay is needed, that is covered too.

About Deductibles

Deductibles when it comes to renters insurance vary with the premium or rate you pay per month or annually. When the deductible is higher, your out of pocket monthly premium is lower. The reason for this is that the insurance company takes on less risk when you have to pay a higher amount out of pocket for an incident. The definition is as follows: Deductible: The amount of money the insurance policy holder has to pay first when a claim is made. After the deductible payment, Progressive insurance company starts paying for the claim.

Renters Insurance Deductible Example

Let’s say that your condominium at Icon in the Gulch caught on fire and your furniture was destroyed. The damage was $8000 total to your condo furniture and your deductible was $1000. Progressive would pay you $8000 less your deductible of $1000= $7000 total. Deductibles vary in range and can be as low as $200 or as high as $2000 or more. Consider your budget for premium payments and your ability to cover some of the loss in the event of a claim.

Best Premium Rates

Progressive renters insurance rates are highly competitive, offering an inexpensive way for you to protect your belongings and cover yourself from unexpected mishaps and injuries. Progressive insurance also offers a discount on renters insurance when you bundle it with your auto insurance policy. Progressive insurance may not always be the lowest price for renters insurance area but your policy rate pricing will always come with the information you need to make an informed decision based on premium pricing, deducible, and quality of coverage.


Montgomery & Associates Insurance and Financial Services is one of the top Progressive Insurance Agencies. Our firm is based in Nashville and serves our customers in a number of states across the nation.

Discount Programs

Discounts are available through Progressive. You can earn discounts for having multiple policies such as bundling home and car insurance with Progressive. Premium payment in full can earn a discounted rate. Other premium discounts are available if your complex or subdivision has a security guard at the front entrance or your community is gated. One other way to save money is through deductible bundling. This means if you use Progressive Insurance for both your cars and home or rental coverage, you will have only one deductible. 

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