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Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance is about being prepared for the unexpected. Many people do not realize the need for renters insurance but as a renter in Nashville you’ll want to be sure your possessions are protected. Whether you own your home or rent, the contents of the home likely belong to you and should a fire or any other disaster occur, you need to be prepared.


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Progressive Renters Insurance Protects You in 3 Ways:

Replaces the Things you Own: furniture, smart phones, your clothes, computers, more

Protects you from Accidents in your Apartment or Rental Home – If a guest is injured in your apartment or rental home or you damage something, Progressive covers your repairs and medical expenses

Living Expense Coverage – When your home is being repaired from a damage claim, and it is unsafe to stay there, Progressive will pay for your hotel and food. 


About Progressive Renters Insurance

Progressive Insurance is one of the best known and respected insurance companies in the country. While best known for their car insurance coverage, they offer all kinds of quality

insurance coverages including renters insurance policies. We are happy to provide our customers with free renters insurance quotes. They offer competitive pricing and we are proud of our long-standing relationship with the company.

Renters Insurance Coverage From Progressive

The insurance that your landlord carries on the home you rent likely covers only the building and not any of the contents in the home. Renters insurance from Progressive covers everything from clothing to electronics and will reimburse you the amount it costs to buy the items new, not what they are worth at the time. Your visitors will also be covered should an injury occur on your property, and if a hotel stay is needed, that is covered too.

Competitively Priced Renters InsuranceFrom Progressive

Progressive renters insurance rates are highly competitive, offering an inexpensive way for you to protect your belongings and cover yourself from unexpected mishaps and injuries. Progressive insurance also offers a discount on renters insurance when you bundle it with your auto insurance policy. Progressive insurance may not always be the lowest price for renters insurance area but your quote will always come with the information you need to make an informed decision not based solely on price, but also on quality.

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