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At Montgomery and Associates our passion is to prevent possible catastrophic losses liquidating your estate. 89% of the affluent consumers are currently underinsured. As wealth is accumulated many times the affluent family outgrows their inadequate risk protection.  Jury Verdict Research indicates that 14% of the personal injury awards exceeded $1 million and 4% exceeded $5 million.  Our motto: Prepare for the unexpected.

We have all heard one or two stories about individuals who were hit with enormous liability verdicts that liquidated their estate. There are many reasons someone might legitimately have a large claim against you for personal damages, including:

·         Fatality or catastrophic injury as a result of an auto accident.

·         Accidental injury that may occur on your property.

·         Accidental damage that you cause to someone else’s property.

·         Reputational damage you cause by a careless posting made online.

At Montgomery and Associates we offer net worth protection to our Private Client customers through an Excess Liability policy.

Excess Liability Protection

Personal excess liability coverage is the most effective risk management tool against potential financial loss. Your home and auto policies provide only the first layer of liability coverage. That is why additional protection is available through excess liability insurance. An excess liability insurance policy kicks in when the amount of coverage provided by your home or auto policy is not enough to cover the settlement. Furthermore, included in the policy is the defense costs for a covered loss.

Everyday Liability Risk

The following are the most common risks with the potential to lead to a liability lawsuit.

·         Teenage drivers

·         Social media use

·         Home entertaining

·         Dog ownership

·         Swimming pool

·         Domestic employees

How many of the above apply to your life?

How much liability coverage is enough?

The answer to this question is different for everyone and depends on your unique circumstances.  Connect with a Montgomery and Associate Private Client Specialist today.


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