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How to Insure Vacation and Property Rentals

Short Term Rental Host Insurance Requirements Airbnb VRBO

At Montgomery & Associates Insurance, many of our customers own short-term rental property. It can be quite lucrative and add a revenue stream to current earnings. Whether you currently earn short term rental income or are considering entering the market, host insurance is a definite factor. A number of rental companies have emerged to market your properties. In the vacation rental industry, Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) and HomeAway are the big players. In the short-term rental market, AirBed and Breakfast (Airbnb) has emerged as the leader.

Inquire about Short-Term or Vacation Rental Insurance

Our insurance agents have developed vast expertise on properly protecting short term rental and vacation property owners. It looks like Airbnb is here to stay in Nashville. Recently Judge Kelvin Jones ruled in favor of short term rental property owners when he ruled what some are calling “Nashville’s Airbnb ordinance” as unconstitutional. The rules limiting the number of permits issued for short term rental properties and the number of guests who may stay in a property will no longer stand.

Insurance Requirements for Short Term Rental Property Owners

Property owners want to know the types and levels of insurance to ensure they are properly protected. Our insurance agents would love to help discuss your specific needs based on your income, number of properties, location of properties, and other factors. For instance, If you are simply renting out a room occasionally in your primary residence, your homeowners policy may be sufficient.

Airbnb Host Protection Insurance

Airbnb does offer insurance that provides some liability protection. Their program is called Host Protection. This coverage works in conjunction with your homeowner’s policy, if applicable, and has both limits and exclusions. Our agents will review your current policies along with the Host Protection Coverage to determine where the gaps are and where you have risk.

VRBO and HomeAway Insurance Coverage for Property Owners

VRBO and HomeAway cater to vacation homeowners or owners with a 2nd home. In most instances insurance companies typically cover owner-occupied properties or second homes that are either rented the entire year to tenants or used by the family solely. Vacation rentals are short term leases and require different coverage.

Types of Insurance Needed

Our agents will help you determine which insurance coverage is best for you, whether it be a homeowner’s policy, vacation home policy, landlord policy, or an umbrella policy. Montgomery & Associates can provide our suggested policy coverages including limits. Our agency is connected with a number of carriers and can quote several for you to obtain the optimal coverage at the best rate. We have client relationships across the nation and are able to provide insurance in Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


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