Valuable Articles

 Valuable Articles

Montgomery and Associates recognizes that affluent individuals purchase items of rarity. Unfortunately 83% of the population does not protect these assets properly.  Valuable belongings, such as jewelry, furs, fine arts, antiques & collectibles, are provided very limited coverage under the homeowner’s policy.  A simple solution does exist to protect these assets against financial loss, a personal articles floater.

Personal Articles Floater Options:

We offer two unique ways to provide protection for our customer’s items of rarity. We offer a blanket, catch all, solution as well as an itemized, scheduled, approach.


·         Provide a catch all program for smaller items. Typical blanket options have a maximum per item limit.


·         Individual items are listed for a predetermined value.

By scheduling your valuable articles, you can avoid the coverage limitations of the homeowner policy and receive the following additional benefits:

·         Agreed value settlement for a covered total loss - you won’t be required to repair or replace scheduled items.

·         Market appreciation - whereby you may also receive up to 150 percent of the insured amount of an item if it costs more to replace it at the time of loss.

·         Worldwide coverage.

·         Coverage for breakage of fragile items and porcelains.

·         Automatic coverage for newly acquired items, in some cases up to 90 days.

When tragedy strikes your valuable possessions, your homeowner’s policy may only cover a small amount, or nothing at all. That’s why it is Montgomery and Associates Private Client Services recommendation to implement a personal articles floater inventory that incorporates a mixture of blanket and scheduled items.

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