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Life insurance is important for anyone who has a family or owns a home or business. If you need life insurance in Brentwood or Murfreesboro, come to Montgomery & Associates. We are a life insurance broker firm that will help you obtain the right type of life insurance and the right amount to cover your needs.

If you would like more information or to obtain a Brentwood or Murfreesboro life insurance quote, simply call us at (615) 829-8457, fill out the form on our website or stop by one of our life insurance agency offices. One of our agents will be happy to assist you.

Getting the Right Coverage

If you work directly with a large insurance company, you will often be on your own to figure out your insurance needs. The process can be confusing especially if you do not have the knowledge and experience in the field. But when you come to Montgomery & Associates, we can make the process easier for you and ensure that you are properly covered.

At our office, you will have a life insurance agent help you determine your insurance needs for you or your business, and those of your dependents. We will advise you on which plans will provide you with the proper amount of life insurance coverage. And we will provide you with cost comparisons, so you can have total control over the final decision.

Should You Choose Term or Whole Life Insurance?

We know it can be confusing when trying to figure out which type of life insurance to get. Whether to choose whole or term life insurance depends on your situation.

First, let’s discuss what each type includes. Term life insurance provides insurance benefits at death, while whole life insurance, or permanent life insurance, has death benefits as well as cash value.

So what are the positives and negatives of each type?

Premium Prices: With term life insurance, you can get insurance at an affordable rate in the beginning, so it helps you get coverage if you are unable to afford the higher beginning premium of whole life insurance. However, the premium costs increase over time with term life insurance, whereas they stay the same with whole life insurance.

Length of Time: Term life insurance is beneficial if you need an insurance policy for a short period of time, whereas whole life insurance provides long-term coverage.

Cash Value: On top of death benefits, whole life insurance comes with cash value accumulation that you can access throughout your life if you need it. You do not get this benefit with term insurance, which only provides death benefits. Security: With whole life insurance, your policy will stay in place for the life of the policy as long as you pay your premiums. Term life insurance provides coverage for a certain term.

You have some options with these types of policies. If you have a term life insurance policy, you can usually convert this policy to a whole life insurance policy if you choose to do so at some point. You could also choose to have a term life insurance policy on top of your whole life insurance if you have extra needs at a certain time during your life.

Rely on our knowledgeable brokers at Montgomery & Associates to help you determine whether you should choose term or whole life insurance as a Brentwood, TN resident.

A Personalized Experience

At Montgomery & Associates, we know that each of our clients has different needs. That’s why we won’t try to box you into a policy with everyone else. We will work to find the right life insurance for you and your needs.

We ensure that you are getting enough insurance to meet your needs, without going overboard at unnecessary cost to you. That is a service you can’t expect from a large insurance company. We can offer this level of service because we work on a small scale and we pride ourselves on offering a local and personal touch to our Brentwood residents.

We also work to assess your personal situation. That means we will figure out the risks that are particular to you or your business. We will then create an action plan to handle those risks.

More on Montgomery & Associates

Montgomery & Associates is a Brentwood TN life insurance company that can handle your life insurance needs and all your other insurance needs, whether they are personal or commercial. Our team is headed by Will Montgomery, our agency principal who started the company in 2010 after six years as a captive insurance agent.

Our staff also includes a dedicated and knowledgeable team comprised of insurance professionals. They are highly experienced, and they go through continuing education to stay on top of their game and provide you with the best insurance service possible.

There are a number of reasons you’ll be satisfied with your service if you choose Montgomery & Associates over your other options. We are an independent agency, so we can offer you insurance from many different companies instead of just one option. Since we’re independent, we do not have a vested interest in one company and we can find you a variety of companies, plans and prices, which is obviously in your favor.

We believe in satisfied customers, so we will work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience and your policy.

Ready to Find Out Your Life Insurance Options?

Whenever you’re ready to discover the life insurance options available to you, simply contact us! You have three different ways to do that: call our friendly staff at (615) 829-8457, fill out the form on our website or you can even stop by our office. We look forward to being able to serve you!

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