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If you lived in Brentwood & Murfreesboro or the surrounding area in 2010, you remember the flooding in May of that year and how much damage it caused to the area. Local citizens and businesses without Franklin flood insurance suddenly needed large sums of money to repair their property. We bring up this experience because it’s a perfect example of why flood insurance is so important.

During that time, people who had flood insurance were in a much better position to repair their structures than those without it, who needed to come up with all the repair money themselves to go back to their homes and businesses. It’s important to be prepared in case this kind of flooding happens again to our local area.

Prevent flooding from creating so much havoc in your life with flood insurance in Brentwood, Franklin or nearby city home or business. Montgomery & Associates is a local flood insurance company that can help you get the coverage you require. Stop in today for a flood insurance quote from our Brentwood, TN office or contact us by phone or our website.

Why Do You Need Flood Insurance?

It’s great if you have homeowners insurance because that will cover a lot of unexpected problems in your home. But unfortunately, it usually does not cover flooding, so you’ll need a specific flood insurance plan. Flood insurance can be very affordable, especially when you compare it to the cost of repairs from a flood. Contact Montgomery & Associates for a specific flood insurance quote in Franklin, TN and the surrounding area.

If you live in a high-risk flood zone, this type of insurance is especially important because your risk of flooding is higher throughout the time you inhabit your structure. Even if you’re not located right by a large water source, your area can still become flooded by rain, snow and flood waters spreading from other areas.

Flood insurance coverage can help cover the cost of rebuilding your home or business structure after damage is caused by flooding. It can help you get back in your building so you can get your life back on track again. Instead of wondering how you will cover the cost of extensive repairs after a flood, you would call your insurance company and start working on getting everything fixed. Be aware that you’ll need a rider added to your policy to cover the property within your building. The brokers at Montgomery & Associates will discuss your options for policies and riders with you.

Your Local Insurance Company

Rely on Montgomery & Associates to find the right insurance coverage for your particular situation. Our company is an independent brokerage, so we do not try to push you into a certain insurance company or plan. Instead, we show you a variety of options and give you advice to determine the best plan for your needs.

At our office, our flood insurance agents will help you figure out your unique risks and create an action plan to deal with those risks. We pride ourselves on providing a personal, small town level of service from professionals knowledgeable and experienced in the insurance field. Our main goal is to provide you with the right balance of insurance, without being under-insured and without paying for unnecessary insurance. Are you ready to learn about your flood insurance options? Then get in touch with us by calling (615) 829-8457, filling out the form on our website or stopping by our Brentwood office. One of our brokers will be happy to help you find the right coverage for your situation.

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