Why Wedding Insurance

If something goes wrong on your big day, wedding insurance will help make it right again.

Months or even years go into planning a dream wedding, but sometimes circumstances outside your control make something go wrong.

The average wedding in the United States costs about $28,000 and Nashville ranks a little higher than the national average. By comparison, if you purchased a car or boat, for that amount, you would definitely get insurance to cover any damage or loss. It makes sense to secure insurance for your wedding and reception as well.

Wedding Venue Insurance Protection

The venue you rented for the reception might close its doors suddenly and your nonrefundable deposit is gone. The seamstress applying the last few touches on your wedding gown gets flooded and your dress is horribly damaged. Perhaps your caterer or florist goes out of business a month before the big day.

Montgomery & Associates Insurance & Financial Services provides unique wedding insurance policies to give you peace of mind for the event of your lifetime.

For a reasonable rate, you will be covered for the following unfortunate circumstances and more:

Loss or Damage of Dresses or Tuxedos

– Money for replacement or repairs will be paid to you. A wedding dress can be one of the largest expenses an engaged couple faces.

Deposits for Venues and Services

– Policies cover every deposit in the case of businesses closing, bankruptcy, or failure to provide proper services. Nashville has more than 300 wedding and reception venues with some reaching 30,000 and up. It is vital to protect your often non-refundable deposit.

Ring Loss or Damage

– Every couple needs confidence they will have their rings on the wedding day. If loss or damage to the ring occurs, the policy can reimburse costs or pay for repairs.

Transportation interruptions

– If commercial flights or other transportation shuts down due to bad weather or other issues, the policy will pay out even the non-refundable deposits for the bride, groom, and parents.

Wedding Photography

– Any instances of lost photos or damaged or destroyed film is covered.

Hurricanes or Severe Weather

– In the unfortunate event of a hurricane or severe weather your policy covers you for the expenses which are not reimbursable.

Last Minute Substitutions

– Even if a vendor informs you of a conflict ahead of time and you need to secure an alternate, you do not have to pay the difference in price yourself. We have you covered.

Illness or Injury

– If the bride, groom, or parents cannot attend the already scheduled wedding due to illness or injury, consider postponing the wedding and let the carrier reimburse your family for non-refundable expenses.

Military Responsibilities

– The same goes for families who must answer the call of duty. Any wedding postponement that occurs due to deployment, revocation of leave, or other military disruptions will be covered.

Montgomery & Associates Insurance & Financial Services wants your wedding day to be the best day of your lives without stress and worry about anything that could go wrong. With a comprehensive wedding insurance policy, you can concentrate on the joy and love and leave the headaches behind.


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