Kidnap & Ransom

 Kidnap & Ransom 



At Montgomery and Associates we design personal insurance solutions to protect our client unique lifestyles and offer lasting peace of mind. Every year, thousands of people are kidnapped worldwide and even more receive threats, suffer from extortion or disappear. The world has become an increasingly dangerous place and whether you venture abroad or domestically, kidnapping and extortion threats are becoming all too commonplace.


It’s an unfortunate fact that no one is immune to a kidnapping or extortion threat. And high-profile individuals without corporate coverage and students traveling internationally are especially at risk. A lack of proper coverage at a critical time can result in untold agony and emotional devastation for all parties involved, coupled with the potential for a significant financial loss.

That’s why Personal Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance is important for our Private Client customers. Should the unthinkable happen, this coverage covers expenses for the use of expert security negotiators and knowledgeable professionals equipped to manage the situation from every angle.

Why you need Personal Kidnap Ransom and Extortion Insurance: 

·         Anyone, whether traveling internationally or domestically, may be targeted for kidnapping or extortion.

·         A kidnapping or extortion threat may result in a life-shattering impact on families and loved ones, not to mention severe financial losses.

Almost nothing can prepare you or a loved one to negotiate with kidnappers or extortionists; however, professional assistance before, during, and after a kidnapping or extortion threat can result in a safe and successful outcome.

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